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Painted Skin

Setting is the Yuan dynasty: Soldiers rescue beautiful orphan Xiao Wei (Zhou) from desert bandits. The beautiful Xiao Wei is than taken in by Gen. Wang (Chen Kun) and his wife, Peirong (Zhao), who both dote on the excessively courteous and attentive young woman. But three months after she is adopted, the city is terrorized by an unknown killer who rips out human hearts.<br><br>Peirong, who`s become less enamored of Xiao Wei than her hubby, suspects Xiao may be a demon spirit in human disguise, and asks the ex Gen. Pan Yong (Yen), who served with her husband, for his help. Meanwhile, Pan has become buddies with tomboy demon-catcher Xia Bing (Betty Sun Li), who`s been on the trail of a demon she has never seen for killing her grandfather. Before he was killed her grandfather taught her the art of catching demons. While Xiao remains a guest in the home of the married couple, she relentlessly pursues the love of Peirong`s handsome husband, Gen. Wang. He than suspects his wife is only accusing Xiao of being a demon out of jealousy. Others who suspect a demon is in the village all end up dead, even the only monk. Meanwhile, others suspect a kung foo expert who just before each murder suddenly appears each night in the town attacking people and fighting Gen. Wang & his men. The three, Peirong, Yong, and Bing become confused, than seek to find out just who Xiao really is. One thing they know for sure, the demon needs to feed on hearts to stay alive. The question is how is Xiao getting out to viciously murder people, rip out their hearts, and eat it while under heavy surveillance? And, will Peirong be able to keep her husband from betraying her for the ever so attentive and beautiful young Xiao?