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American Pie Presents The Naked Mile

As a Stifler you should have a lot going for you in high school, but this is not the case with Erik. Unlike his illustrious cousins he isn’t a oversexed partying jock, but rather a good-natured shy guy. He hasn’t even had sex, although he has a girlfriend, but Tracy Sterling is not quite ready for it yet. Erik is getting pretty desperate though. He can’t leave high school as a virgin, not as a Stifler, can he? Then Tracy, after being ridiculed by her girlfriends, decides it’s time. Erik is overjoyed, but when things go awry, Tracy is not in the mood anymore. She doesn’t want to restrain him any further and gives him a guilt-free pass for the weekend. He is free to do whatever he wants. Erik decides to visit the Naked Mile event at the college of his cousin Dwight, where students once a year run around naked.