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Bend It Like Beckham

Jess Bhamra is a teenager with only one real passion in her life: football. She daydreams of being a great soccer star and her hero is David Beckham. She soon strikes up a friendship with Juliette Paxton, Jules to her friends, and joins a girls team coached by the rather handsome Joe. She comes from a traditional, close-knit and loving Sikh family. Her parents only want the best for both of their daughters but Jess’ fascination with sports doesn’t fit into their idea of a young woman future. Jess isn’t comfortable sneaking about and she and Jules fall out when they both take an amorous interest in Joe. With her sister’s wedding on the same day as the football final, where a US College scout will be present to assess her performance, Jess must decide if she will support her family or her friends.