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It is New Year’s Eve, and over 2,000 passengers and crew are ringing in the New Year aboard the huge cruise ship ’Poseidon’ on the open sea. At midnight, without warning, a huge wave hundreds of feet high - a rogue wave - slams into the Poseidon and rolls it upside down. Most of the passengers & crew are killed outright, but several hundred remain alive in the ballroom, where the party was being held. Realizing their only hope of rescue lies at the surface of the water - where the ship’s hull is now - a handful of survivors, led by Dylan and Robert start to make their way past falling debris, flash fires, and the ever-present threat of flooding - to the ship’s propeller shafts. Will they succeed - or will they join the hundreds left behind who perished as the ballroom’s windows gave way under the water pressure & drowned?