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The Young Victoria

Within a month or so after her 18th birthday, Princess Victoria ascends to the throne on the death of her uncle, King William IV. She did not have a happy childhood, forced to live under what became known as the Kensington Rules: she was never allowed to be alone or play with other children, slept in the same room as her mother and was not permitted to walk on a staircase without someone holding her hand. Her mother’s private secretary, Sir John Conroy, tried to force her to sign an agreement that would make her mother Regent until Victoria reached the age of 25. Despite the pressure and physical threats, she stood her ground and refused. As Queen, Victoria starts off well and now independent of her mother, makes her own rules. She does commit a grave error however when she rejects the new Prime Minister’s request that he name her new ladies in waiting and he resigns leading to riots in the streets. She had already met the handsome Prince Albert and they eventually marry but troubles arise early on when his role in her life is called into question. The Queen finds a solution and theirs proved to be a very happy relationship.