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Mysterious Skin

Two boys grow up in Hutschinson, Kansas. For cocky, precious Neil McCormick, baseball only becomes attractive, although he’s good at at, when he meets studly coach, who often takes him out and to Sir’s cool home. There, the treats and games lead to intimacy. Shy good boy Brian is redrawn from the team by his concerned mother, another ’disappointment’ according to his dad, after two episodes he can’t remember, causing him to have recurring bloody noses and nightmares. The Halloween incident was jackass fire-cracker abuse by Neil and his platonic confident friend Wendy. Neil makes his gay lust into a profession, ultimately in New York, where the fun wears off and worse. Brian becomes a model student, but searches for the source of his nightmares in alien abduction theories. Through a college mate, Neil’s admirer Eric, he ultimately discovers the answers.