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Three to Tango

Oscar is an architect, he and his partner, Peter are competing with another pair for a restoration job. Charles Newman, the pompous businessman, who will decide who among them will do the job. He insructs them to build a model of their proposals, he will decide then which one will get the job, and they have to pay for it themselves. Now Oscar and Peter are struggling but Peter decides to mortgage his apartment so they can get the job. Now Peter who is gay and after being caught in a ``compromising`` position with him, Oscar is misbelieved to be gay. Now Charles who has a mistress, Amy. Now she is surround by several male friends, Charles is a little insecure; when he learns that Oscar is gay, he ``asks`` him to keep an eye on her. Oscar is taken with her but when he learns that they think he is gay, and knowing that it could jeopardize the job allows them to continue thinking that. But things go out of hand when a newspaper reporter outs him. And Oscar who has fallen for Amy and who disapproves of her relationship with Charles, is uncertain of what to do.